Top Trends in Rugs 2021

One of our favorite ways to make a house a home is by bringing attention to the floors as they are the fifth wall in the room. Area rugs help bring the decorative elements of a room together and create a cohesive look. While they may be accented by furniture, they are often the focal element in a space.

Between choosing the proper size for your space and narrowing down pattern and texture to one that appeals most to you, selecting a rug can be challenging. However, the ability to tie a space together makes any amount of effort a smart investment.

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Pine Glades - Shearling Rug

What Are This Year’s Top Trends for Rugs?

Our time spent at home last year made any deficiencies in our homes obvious. Our home should bring comfort and relaxation the minute we walk in the front door. It should be an extension of our personality and provide a safe haven from the stresses of daily life.

The world has undergone a massive shift in the way we are now living, working, and traveling. Our homes and the popular trends of 2021 reflect this shift. Many of this year’s popular trends in area rugs focus on warm and simple design. Most popular include Neutrals, Turkish Kilim, Shag, Abstract, Tribal, and Chevron. Hides are another way to add organic texture to a space. Try layering a beautiful hide on a neutral toned rug for an exquisite look.

Neutral Pattern Rugs

Neutral tones in an area rug are calming to the eye and give primary focus to furniture and decorative pieces. While they unify a design concept, they also play a support role to a statement piece or architectural detail. Neutral area rugs pair easily and flawlessly with a multitude of patterns and textures. Put a neutral rug in your open concept home to tie all living spaces together.

Varanasi Vine Rut
Marble Natural Rug
Grey Multi Rug
Gadapur Rug
Sand Flow Rug
Ivory Twist

Is Cowhide Just for Traditional Western Design?

A cowhide offers the perfect balance between traditional western design and a modern aesthetic. On their own or layered on top of a neutral rug, they create drama and texture for any room. Try a neutral cowhide of peppered champagne or grey to modernize your space. The soft, natural tones will fit in almost any room decor.

Brown and White Speckled Cowhide
Brown and White Spotted Cowhide
Dark Brindle Cowhide
Light Brindle Cowhide
Solid Beige Cowhide
Solid Reddish Brown Cowhide
Tri Color Brindle Speckled Cowhide
Light Grey Cowhide

Whether you live near the Tetons or just dreaming of a home with a view of the mountains, elevate your living with a consultation from our team of experienced designers. The heartbeat of our design firm and online shoppe is to work with your personal style to curate your unique dream home.

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