How to Layer Cowhide Rugs

A rug is one of the easiest ways to make a house a home by bringing attention to the floors, always an important element in any room. Layering area rugs can bring diverse aspects of a room together to create a stylish and cohesive look. It is a trend that’s proven to have staying power and is a way to make the perfect statement for western-inspired living rooms.

Layering Rugs

Should You Layer Rugs?

Whether you have wall to wall carpeting or a large area rug, adding a smaller rug underneath the coffee table or piece of furniture can give your room a strong focus. This is especially true for any furniture grouping that appears to be “floating in space.” Adding a defining highlight to a seating area gives definition and is the foundation for a great look. Doing so can also bring in some of the accent colors from an adjacent room, creating continuity for your decor.

How do you layer multiple rugs?

The best way to layer rugs is in a room where you have space and not too much furniture, like a living room, bedroom, or den. If the room’s decor is on the simpler side, layering pattern on pattern is a great option. If there’s a lot going on in the room, mixing a solid rug with a patterned rug is the better option. This is also true when mixing textures. The goal is to add more dimension and focus to a space while keeping a balanced and pulled together look.

Ethically sourced hides are a traditional western style for adding organic color and texture to a space. Try layering a beautiful hide on a neutral toned rug for an exquisite look or go for more personality with a contrasting hide on a richly colored pattern on pattern loomed rug. This year’s rug trends give you a wide selection of options in both colors and materials.

Add Cowhides for Traditional Western Styling

A cowhide offers the perfect balance between traditional western design and a modern aesthetic. On their own or layered on top of a neutral rug, they create drama and texture for any room. Try a neutral cowhide of peppered champagne or grey to modernize your space. The soft, natural tones will fit in almost any room decor.

Can you put furniture on a cowhide rug?

Yes, furniture can be placed on top of a cowhide rug. Unlike many other types of rugs, cowhides are very durable and they look great under various pieces of furniture, including coffee tables, ottomans and sofas. This is especially true in rooms with hardwood floors, where adding layers can keep the furniture on soft surfaces. Just be sure to keep your lovely cowhides visible!

Brown and White Speckled Cowhide
Brown and White Spotted Cowhide
Dark Brindle Cowhide
Light Brindle Cowhide
Solid Beige Cowhide
Solid Reddish Brown Cowhide
Tri Color Brindle Speckled Cowhide
Light Grey Cowhide

What rugs go with cowhide rugs?

A cowhide rug is nicely showcased when it’s layered over a textured rug or one with contrasting color. The textures of jute and sisal rugs are a great base for cowhides and richly patterned rugs like this Marble Marine Rug Collection are a beautiful option too.

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