California Casual + Mountain Modern

California Casual is more than a look for those who live by the beach. It is a beautiful and strong aesthetic that includes natural fibers, earth tones and soft white fabrics that promote a relaxed sensibility. Wherever you live, you can take inspiration from this laid-back aesthetic.

This makes California Casual a perfect companion style for Mountain Modern, which has its own iconic approach to comfort and style.

Mountain Modern Design by Elevated Living | Photo by @samanthalivingstonphotography

What Defines the California Casual Look?

California Casual is defined by its focus on creating spaces that are soft and inviting, but also chic. This means a style that features neutral fabrics such as wool, cotton and silk, soft colors, and furniture that is built for comfort. Natural materials such as stone, wood, and leather are also key elements.

California Casual style does follow many rules of traditional interior design, but leaves the door open for asymmetrical layouts and large scale furniture that fits perfectly alongside functional pieces like upholstered ottomans and side tables. Its goal is to invite guests to sit back and relax. It’s a look that’s easy on the eye and extremely livable.

Sitting Area

Mountain Modern Design by Elevated Living | Photo by @samanthalivingstonphotography

How Does Mountain Modern Style Complement California Casual?

Mountain Modern extends the palette of textures and materials. These include faux and natural furs, wrought iron and other metals, sustainably sourced leathers and cowhides, and a collection of natural fibers and grasses. The interpretations of style are unique and varying, and incorporate local materials whenever possible, specifically local woods and stone. Mountain Modern makes extensive use of reclaimed wood and incorporates antiques and iconic western memorabilia.

Peter Ivens

Design by Peter Ivens

What Mountain Modern Furnishings Work Well with California Casual?

Here is a collection of items that are each unique, yet maintain a consistent mountain modern style. They offer a stylish expansion of the California Casual, with neutral textured and patterned rugs, comfortable chairs and sofa, side tables in various woods and wrought iron, and a combination of lighting fixtures in natural grass, metal and glass.

Parker End Table
Linear Abstract Rug
Bennett Moon Armchair
Brockton Drum Table
Whiskeytown Side Table
Lakewood Table Lamp
Cody Sofa
Soft Gold Bowl
Caitlin Flemming

Design by Caitlin Flemming | Photo by @dyerphoto


Mountain Modern Design by Elevated Living | Photo by @samanthalivingstonphotography

Elinor Accent Chair
Fargesia Pendant
Casper Console Table
Saco Pendant
Havasu Side Table
Sabina Table Lamp
Anjar Sand Rug
Bennet Stacking Media Console

Mountain Modern Design by Elevated Living | Photo by @samanthalivingstonphotography

Add Mountain Modern Styling to Your Home!

Whether you live near the Tetons or just dreaming of a home with a view of the mountains, elevate your living with a consultation from our team of experienced designers. The heartbeat of our design firm and online shoppe is to work with your personal style to curate your unique dream home.

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