Trim Your Christmas Tree Like a Pro

We think trimming the Christmas Tree is the best part of Holiday Decorating!

Every year you have a chance to create the perfect statement piece for your home. For some of us, this means a continuation of family traditions, while for others it is a chance to explore new ideas. However you trim your tree, there are several steps to the process. Remember, there’s no right or wrong way to trim a tree! Start with your imagination, and let that guide you.

Picking a tree up from a tree farm

Photo by Julianna Arjes on Unsplash

The first step is removing any limbs at the bottom of the trunk so that there’s room to stage your tree in a secure tree stand. This year’s trend is to surround the stand with a collar made from metal, wicker, or other natural material – but using a traditional tree skirt is also beautiful. If you’re using a collar, you may need to remove more limbs.

Next, add your lights.

Once your tree is fully set up, if you have a natural one you can get started decorating right away.

If you have a faux tree it’s time to fluff your branches. A well fluffed tree will look fuller and more luxurious and once you learn the trick to creating full branches, it’s quite easy to make your tree look as wonderful as any live tree. The key is to spread each of the branches so they look natural, giving them a slight – or strong – curve upward.

Holiday Decorations

Photo by Hert Niks on Unsplash

Mountain Modern Christmas Tree

Photo by Ira Ostafiichuk on Unsplash

Add Picks and Sprays

To begin decorating, grab some tree picks. Having several different kinds creates a unique and pulled-together look. You will need 4-6 of each kind for a medium tree and more for a large one. Stick the picks into the tree starting at the top and work your way down. Have some of them pointing upward, some straight out and others pointing to the floor. If your tree is natural, try using different shades of green to keep the look subtle so the focus is kept on the decorations. Be sure to include some picks that have a little sparkle to them. This helps to light up your tree!

Jeweled Picks

Jeweled Picks by Balsam Hill

Metallic Branches Pick

Metallic Branch Picks by Balsam Hill

Statement Ornaments

Now add your statement ornaments. These are the ornaments that begin telling the story of your tree. Are you a chef? Then add food ornaments and instruments of your trade. Love dogs or other animals? Begin with a collection of your furry friends. Start at the top or bottom and work your way to the other end. For large ornaments, be sure to securely anchor them on branches so they don’t tumble off. It will help if you tuck them into the tree a little father back than smaller ornaments. Don’t be shy about hanging your smaller ones in front of larger ornaments. This adds depth and helps make the tree look fuller. If you have natural holes in the tree foliage, these are perfect places to add large ornaments.

If you’re using large ornaments, stop placing them about 1/4 of the way from the top. This keeps proportions aligned with the gradual shrinking angle of the tree.

Place Pine Cones

You won’t need many of these, but adding different sizes of pinecones is a wonderful way to add more dimension to your design. Space them around the tree, keeping smaller one near the top and larger ones toward the bottom. Push some into the tree and keep some close.

Hang Small Ornaments

Grab your smaller ornaments and start hanging those babies all over!

Don’t be afraid to hang them in front of the larger ornaments for a layer look.

Dapper Don Ornament
Snowland Ornament
Stemma Ornament
Vlad Ornament
Receive Ornament
Eloise Fox Ornament
Lunula Ornament
Squeaky Sleigh Ornament

I hope these tips and tricks help you trim a tree like a pro. Merry Christmas!

Melinda Shirk Dorion
Kitty with Christmas Tree

Photo by Bryony Elena on Unsplash

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