January 20, 2022

Top Trends for Interior Design 2022

The new year gives us good reason to look ahead with a continuing focus on nature-inspired interiors, richer colors, vintage furnishings and tactile finishes. The trends that will dominate 2022 include sustainable materials, a focus on individuality and uniqueness, and a priority on comfort and wellbeing. Here are five trends sure to improve the quality of your daily life.

Bromley Metal Display Cabinet


Homeowners are more interested in buying antiques than ever before. They are craving connections and history. Plus, with ongoing supply chain issues and inventory shortages still affecting many design projects, adding vintage pieces rather than waiting for furniture with no clear time of arrival is a smart choice. Based on supply-chain predictions, we expect this trend to go beyond 2022.

Reclaimed Materials

As design trends continue making the shift to more eco-friendly options, more and more homeowners are favoring the use of reclaimed woods. The strong appeal of using reclaimed wood furniture and furnishings is that it preserves natural resources, creates fewer toxins and less waste. This makes homes not only beautiful and sustainable but efficient and durable as well. This is definitely a trend that will last!
Reclaimed Wood in Interior Design

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Tribal Trend - Bodhi Collection

Accent Chair by Four Hands

Vintage & Crafts

Along with antiques, vintage decor and handcrafted furnishings are enjoying a huge surge of popularity. Our slower pace with more time spent at home has given us the opportunity to explore hands-on activities like ceramics, painting, and baking. For this reason, it is also increasing our appreciation for artisan and craft pieces.

Comfort & Wellbeing

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Couture Throw Ivory Faux Mink
Biophilic Interior Design Trend

Biophilic Design

Biophilic Interior Design principles have steadily risen in popularity in recent years. An approach first developed by architects, this design trend is a major focus for 2022. It seeks to connect homeowners more closely with nature by incorporating elements like natural lighting and ventilation, natural landscape features, and plant-filled environments that establish a visual connection with nature. In keeping with the Biophilic trend, major brands like Benjamin Moore, Farrow and Ball, and Sherwin-Williams all included various shades of green on their lists of top paint colors for 2022.

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