Top Picks for Table Lamps 2022

The popular trend for use of sustainable and natural materials continues this year. Expect to see more table lamps made from wood, glass, bamboo, fabric, seagrass, and leather. There will also be more use of twine, rope, burlap, and wood beads.

Mountain Modern Table Lamps

Mountain Modern Design by Elevated Living | Photo by @samanthalivingstonphotography

Tips for Selecting the Right Table Lamp

A table lamp is an integral part of any decor. While in many respects it is an accessory, it also serves the important function of lighting a space in tandem with floor lamps, chandeliers and wall sconces. It is meant to blend in with the aesthetics, yet create an attractive visual impact.

Choosing the right shade helps set the tone. If you’re going for a mountain modern or contemporary western look, keep your shade simple and streamlined so it plays a secondary role to the color and texture of the lamp base. With this year’s trends for natural materials and organic styling, the clean lines of a lampshade are a perfect complement.

You will also need to select a lampshade that accommodates the amount of light that needs to be cast. A translucent shade allows a lamp to illuminate a broad area, while an opaque shade can function well for task lighting or the dramatic look of a statement piece.

Like anything else, be mindful of the scale of your lamp. Make sure it is appropriate for where it will be placed and try to keep all lamps in the same room at approximately the same height. When you are seated double check that the lampshade is at eye level. The same thoughtfulness and planning holds true for putting your lamp where it adds to the room’s ambient light or lights up a dark area. Since table lamps can be moved, they are a great option for creating an evenly lit space, adding warmth and character.

Crackled Aqua Glaze Lamp

Crackled Aqua Glaze Table Lamp at Elevated Living

Crackled Aqua Glaze Table Lamp

Finally, when choosing a lamp take a few moments to examine the hardware. Is the wattage sufficient for your needs, can the lampshade you’ve picked out attach correctly to the lamp base? This attention to detail is especially important if you are purchasing your lampshade separately from the lamp base.

In summary, there are many features to consider when choosing a lamp. Some are aesthetic and others are more practical. You want your lamp to be a beautiful addition to your decor, yet it also needs to add to the room’s ambient lighting or function as a task light, wherever needed.


  • Ensure your lamp complements the rest of your room’s decor
  • Select a proper shade for lighting needs and aesthetics
  • Create an attractive combination of texture and color
  • Make sure the shade pairs well with the lamp base
  • Select an appropriate height and width, as scale is important
  • Place your lamp where it is best suited for visual impact
  • Make sure the lighting is sufficient for your needs
  • Make note of the hardware, such as maximum wattage

Table Lamps

Showcasing a collection of table lamps from our Shoppe that are each unique, yet maintain a consistent modern western style. Using a variety of materials, such as wood, wrought iron, rope, ceramics, metal and glass, these lighting options give you the freedom to customize any room in your home.

Snowdrift Table Lamp
Gray Glaze Table Lamp
Ellsworth Table Lamp
Cyprien Table Lamp
Anmer Table Lamp
Bartlett Table Lamp
Large Rope Table Lamp
Innkeeper Table Lamp
Hammered Iron Table Lamp
Hammered Cast Iron Table Lamp

Hammered Iron Table Lamp at Elevated Living

Bear Ridge - Bedroom

Mountain Modern Design by Elevated Living | Photo by @samanthalivingstonphotography

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