Top Picks for Candle Holders 2022

A candle holder provides a solid base for your tapers or pillars and adds dimension to a tablescape or mantle. Browse our selection of unique candleholders to find the perfect one for your home!


Tips for Selecting the Right Candle Holder

A candle holder is an inexpensive and highly effective way to to add style and ambiance to any room. It complements your decor and creates a strong focal point, even if the candle is not lit. To help you choose the best models to match your style, let’s take a look at some top design tips for decorating your home with candle holders.

First, consider the type of candle you have. The holder should match the candle’s size and burn time. If you’re using a tea light or votive, look for a glass holder that is small enough to show off the flame, while also providing protection for your furniture.

For pillar candles, the best candle holders are lantern styles, particularly hurricanes, as well as large stable candlestick holders and glass wall sconces. Again, the key is to show off the candle flame, so these models should match the proportion of your candle.

For taper candles, make sure that the candle fits snugly into the holder and is a strong base so your taper won’t tip over.

Next, think about materials. Holders come in many different styles and materials, including glass, crystal, wood, wire or metal. You can even find candle holders made from reclaimed materials, which are perfect for adding a bit of character to your home. If you’re using real candles, you’ll want to make sure that the holder material is heat-resistant.

Last but not least, consider the overall aesthetic. Candles can be a statement piece and  should complement the design of your room, matching your personal style.

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