The Importance of Staging a Home

The jewel of design is when you walk into a home and see its potential. Staging is just that. Transformation of a space from a blank canvas to a masterpiece. We believe that the functionality of a space is just as important as its aesthetic. From design, construction, real estate, dining, and travel, no matter the phase of the project, a well-staged space invites you in and can settle your breath. It is important to focus on making it easy for a potential buyer to envision a forever home.

Partnering with Bjornsen Builders, we transformed a modern garage apartment located in Jackson, Wyoming. The property had stunning views, but needed a touch of warmth. Our team collaborated with Build Magazine, who referred us to the project, and Bjornsen Builders. “Melinda has worked with the craftsman over the years on various projects and the best part is we made connections with a wonderful photographer who we look forward to collaborating with more,” says Shannyn Levitz, store manager at Elevated Living. “Staging is fun and a great way to showcase items from our showroom.” The Elevated Living showroom features a multitude of unique vendors and artists that are hand picked to fit the mountain modern aesthetic.

To showcase the craftsmanship on this project, the designers went with a minimalist and neutral palette, carefully selecting a mix of contemporary and cozy furnishings, adding strategic lighting to highlight architectural features, and adding thoughtfully selected decorations to make the space feel both elegant and welcoming.

It was important and crucial for the Build Magazine photoshoot to show off Bjornsen Builders beautiful wood working skills. Small spaces are about functionally. Bjornsen did a spectacular job making this space functional and beautiful. With a built-in desk, queen size Murphy Bed, ample storage, and a kitchen to even include a full size dishwasher, it is hard to gauge the size of this small space.

“Seeing the before and after is one of my favorite things about this project. What a difference it made!” Levitz commented. “It was truly a pleasure to work with Build Magazine, Bjorgensen and Grand Teton Imaging Photography on this staging project. We look forward to the next.”  This project exemplifies the thoughtfulness, diligence, and pursuit of perfection that Elevated Living Interior Design brings to every staging endeavor, transforming spaces into captivating, functional homes ready to make lasting impressions.