Teton Views Project

This second turnover of a beautifully crafted, custom local residence is an example of the lasting relationships Elevated Living forms with its clients. The first turnover was ten years ago, and this recent project builds upon our initial work by bringing a trending fresh approach to the home.

Teton Views Project

Rich Textures and Antique Timber Framing

This project started 10 years ago. Our work was for a custom-built home. The residence is structurally sound with antique timber framing and reclaimed chestnut flooring, and is special for its private setting. Our relationship with this client started over an Andrew Martin custom upholstered chair that lead designer, Melinda Shirk Dorion found on the side of the road and had outside of the Elevated Living Showroom in Jackson, Wyoming.

This is the second turnover of this home. For our original design 10 years ago we focused around earth tones. That original turnover was decorated in a full spectrum of tones from deep terracottas to levels of brown and charcoals. The client approached us for a fresher, brighter look so we removed the draperies to frame the windows and fully reupholstered all the furniture to textural tones of creams with black accents and charcoal detailing.

Textural Fabrics

Textural Fabrics

The reupholstered furniture made use of eco-friendly options, bringing a bright uplift to the rich brown tones of wood. This makes homes not only beautiful and sustainable but efficient and durable as well. This is a popular trend we will see far more of in future.

Reclaimed Materials

Reclaimed Materials

In keeping with one of this year’s top trends, our client’s home was built with antique timber framing and reclaimed chestnut flooring. The strong appeal of using reclaimed wood furniture and furnishings is that it preserves natural resources, creating fewer toxins and less waste.

A Brighter Touch for a Fresh Appeal

This second turnover of the home brought a fresh, brighter look by removing the draperies to frame the windows and an updated collection of furniture by reupholstery in textured fabrics with contrasting accents and detailing.

Reupholstered Chair

Along with antiques, vintage decor and handcrafted furnishings our client’s home features an eclectic mix of artisan and craft pieces. This is in keeping with the growing popularity of rediscovering vintage arts.

Pottery from Local Artisans

A popular trend in pottery this year is earthy and organic pieces of artwork. These pieces have an almost stemmed-from-nature feel, one that beautifully complements the rich wood and textural fabrics of our client’s residence.

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