Teton Valley Residence Remodel

15-15 - 4500 W 2000 S, Driggs (Schleicher Remodel)

Remodeling a space is the epitome of what Elevated Living stands by. Finding the perfect balance between luxury and personalization, the Schliecher Remodel was the perfect project to take a client’s vision into a reality with an Elevated Living designer’s expertise and guidance.

Having an experienced designer involved will help you visualize, manage, and stay informed throughout the entire process. Designer, Lisa Hatcher, took on this remodel project, located on an old apple orchard in Driggs, Idaho.

With a lot of acreage, the client wanted to expand the size of the house and make it their own without taking away the original roots and bones of the old farmhouse. Keeping the historic structure of the house was a goal. The house could have easily been scrapped with a fresh new start, but it was important to follow the client’s desires in keeping the original roots. Lisa was able to turn the client’s vision into a reality throughout the entire remodel process. 

Starting with the bones of the French country-style farmhouse, walls were torn down to make more space. The house started compartmentalized and the team was able to make it more of an open concept for modern design with the goal of a big, open space for family gatherings. 

With a goal of farmhouse aesthetics in mind, Lisa was able to guide them and help bring their vision to fruition. Distressed touches and furniture were a must. It was in the client’s vision to have most things in the home look distressed with white-washed tongue and groove on the ceiling. Repurposing was important to the client, and Lisa made sure to incorporate that in her remodel process. For the hardwood floors, a large plank was used to mimic reclaimed wood. Beam work was distressed to make it look like it had been there a while and give it the old farmhouse feel. 

Special touches were perfected in the design and remodeling process of this home, with nice and personal accents to certain areas. The client was open to using wallpaper in most of the home, which made the space more homey and personalized. In the laundry room, a pop of color sticks out in a distressed cabinet, followed by a personalized choice of wallpaper. An old brick floor was an addition to the laundry room, with added features for the clients, like a hidden cat box in a cabinet and the homeowners had created special tiles of animals no longer with them that had passed. The pantry door is an artistic point of the home, as a family member created the artwork that was etched on the glass of the door, adding meaningful touches to the space. The clients personalized every detail to be their own and not about resale, but making it their own space and how they want it to be.

It was really important for the clients to have the kitchen be the heart of the home and flow into the living room for family get-togethers and more. The design of the house was centered around not only the kitchen but also the views and beautiful visuals. Every window was thoughtfully placed with picture-perfect views. The Grand Teton, apple trees, and valleys of endless green crops surround each big open window. This farmhouse is a beautiful escape on top of already living in an area where people come to vacation because of its beauty. Accommodating a growing family and personalizing the house to make it their own, the clients are still thinking of other ways to use their acreage. They hope to add additional water features and livestock to turn their dream home into their forever oasis. 

Remodeling and refreshing a space makes a home feel new again. It is not always necessary to go to the extent of a full home remodel, as focusing on repurposing and keeping old parts of a space to make it feel new again is possible. With new kitchen or bathroom floors to wallpaper, remodeling is a great way to freshen your space and continue to love your home. Contact Elevated Living for your next home remodel!