Teton County Library

“Come for the Skiing, Stay for the Library”

Elevated Living’s principal designer Melinda Shirk Dorion has had the pleasure of curating and implementing the Library’s updated design and function paired with Gilde Architects.

Designing for use and comfort.

Over the years we have updated the Library to reflect how the town uses the space.

Adding a “new book” area and reading nook highlights new releases, and just recently we added bistro tables to make a conversational work space in the historical book “zone.”

The latest redesign of the book sale room made a functional checkout space for the volunteer community. The collaboration between the board and our Team has given our community a statement piece that is a cornerstone to Jackson’s youth and a well-needed conference space for the town’s nonprofit community to conference and present.

What a pleasure it was to have been selected as the Design Team to oversee and represent our community in redesigning this much-loved community treasure! —MELINDA SHIRK DORION

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