Summer Entertaining

Summer season is one of the best times of the year for entertaining. Long days, beautiful weather, and everyone in a more cheerful mood. Whether hosting friends and neighbors or simply enjoying your backyard with family, there are so many options for serveware and table decor to elevate your next outdoor event. Mix and match a variety of options, from upscale to casual and everything between.

Summer Entertaining

Our Top Picks

Set the Stage with a Collection of Candles

Candlelight is the perfect complement to a relaxing evening outside. You can’t have too many! Use short tapers or pillar candles in decorative holders as a centerpiece on the main dining table. For side tables, a single pillar in a brass, metal or glass shade adds both light and a warm mood. If it’s windy, protect candles with full hurricane shades.

Baskets for Accents or Attractive Storage

Woven baskets are gorgeous and true works of art. Use as an exquisite accent decor or centerpiece for any tabletop or as an eye-catching fruit basket. Large shallow bowls with handles are also the perfect size for keeping outdoor pillows, or to roll up throw blankets to sit next to a couch. The possibilities are truly endless!

Black Spotted Basket
Spinneret Candle Holder
Dickinson Wine Cooler
Bradley Candleholder

Ice Buckets and Coolers

A wine chiller or bucket is an essential accessory for entertaining. Ever popular, they’re designed to maintain the perfect temperature of white and sparkling wines even when it’s swelteringly hot outside. Typically, a wine chiller is made from stainless steel, stone, crystal, and even silver. While it mainly has a practical purpose, a wine chiller can also be an impressive addition to a dinner party.

Serving Trays

Serving trays allow you to quickly and elegantly serve the table for guests, transferring several dishes from the kitchen to outdoors. Modern serving trays are also beautiful, so put them out on the table for hot meals or drinks when entertaining. Serving trays bring many practical benefits, but they also add a decorative element to table decor.

Stag Wine Cooler
Eden Candleholder
Oval Wooden Trays
Jumbo Soft Gold Bowl

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