Top Outdoor Living Trends

Today’s outdoor living is increasingly being designed for everyday use, rather than infrequent entertaining. Many homeowners depend on these outdoor areas to provide an extension of living space, a peaceful retreat, and a strong connection to nature. Weather permitting, a wide variety of daily activities are moving outdoors, including work, play, cooking, and relaxation. To accommodate these new needs, this year’s outdoor living trends embrace comfort, convenience, and style.

Backyard Escape

#1 A Backyard Escape

With rising inflation and lingering COVID-19 making travel a continued challenge, staycations are more popular than ever. Styling your backyard with luxury and comfort can help you create a relaxing escape without ever leaving home. Choose simple updates such as outdoor sectionals, chaise lounge chairs, and exterior versions of your favorite decor that will let you easily extend your hours outside.
Sectional Sofas

#2 Outdoor Workspace

For many of us, remote work is here to stay. This means work-from-home setups are getting a fresh spin. While makeshift workstations at the dining table or couch got us through the past few years, 2022 is the year of the outdoor home office. An outdoor workspace allows you to carve out a spot for work without taking up valuable indoor space. Set up shop at a desk or table while enjoying the benefits of being surrounded by nature. A relaxed environment can have a profound effect on your productivity!

#3 Add Structure

As the popularity of patios, decks, and other outdoor areas grow, creating well-defined “outdoor rooms” is becoming a staple for outdoor living. This trend is driving a surge in furnishings that reinforce a room-like feel, such as built-in seating and shade structures to provide a “ceiling” overhead, such as pergolas. Homeowners want to define their outdoor spaces while maintaining an open-air feel.

#4 Stylish Seating

Interior furniture trends are moving outdoors this year. Already well-established for interior spaces, curvy furniture styles and trendy textures like rattan are making their way onto patios and porches. Modular furniture is quickly making its way outdoors. Sectionals that can be easily reconfigured and custom patio cushion replacements make it easy to change up the look of your outdoor living space. To create a minimalistic design, look for furniture and outdoor decor that have natural-looking features such as wood, eco-friendly poly-rattan, and macrame.
Newcastle Accent Chair
Newcastle Club Chair

#5 Minimalism

Clean lines and natural colors are key to a calming space. The popular saying “less is more” is spot on when describing the popular trends for this year’s patio and deck design. Strong lines with less bulk mean unobstructed views of your backyard, landscaping, and surroundings, allowing nature to dominate the landscape.

#6 Vertical Gardening

Looking to create focus areas for your outdoor living space? Including a vertical garden is the perfect solution, adding a natural structure to each focal area. If you’ve always wanted to add a bit more of nature or an herb garden but thought you didn’t have enough space, think again! This trend may be just what you need to make your space look bigger and more inviting.
Woven Club Chair and Pillow

Accent Chair by Four Hands

#7 Warm Colors + Patterned Surfaces

Just as area rugs liven up rooms inside your home, adding color and patterns underfoot for your outdoor living space adds visual impact. Everything from a neutral palette to vibrant colors reflect earth elements that are best for cozy “outdoor living rooms.” The beautiful thing about these tones is that they can soften any-sized space, from a balcony to your backyard.

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