What is Mountain Modern Style?

From the Appalachians, to the Pacific Northwest, we have tailored our look to incorporate all aspects of mountain living. Clean lines, local stones, wooden structures, and a large variety of inviting textures make up our contemporary forward thinking mountain look.

Butler Creek

What Defines the Mountain Modern Look?

Individual interpretations of the style are unique and varying, yet the overall components remain consistent. Largely defined by architectural features, mountain modern interiors consist of fresh spaces using local materials, neutral color palettes, and a combination of wood contrasted with wrought iron and stone. The key is to blur the lines between natural and man-made to marry our native surroundings with our interiors.

Pearson Design Group

Design by OSM Construction | Photo by @audreyhallphoto

CLB Architects

Design by CLB Architects

Black House Mine

Design by @blackhousemine

How Does Mountain Modern Differ from Traditional Western Style?

Both trends feature similar materials, such as stone, lodgepole timbers, natural fibers and metal. How these materials are incorporated into a space is where the two trends diverge. The traditional mountain aesthetic is dominated by rough hewn timber, native stone, and maintains a rustic feel. This style layers thickly framed artwork, accessories and dark, heavy furniture to create a moody atmosphere. Mountain Modern defines its look with refined materials and thoughtfully accessorized open living spaces to allow breath into the home. Both styles connect a homeowner to nature, yet mountain modern seeks to incorporate a contemporary feel to a traditional space.

What Furnishings Define Mountain Modern?

To create your Mountain Modern home, pare down your color palette to a defined range of neutrals. Let artwork and unique accessories add depth to your home. Incorporate a statement piece, such as a sideboard, to your great room and highlight the space with a unique accent chair. Soften the space with a cowhide rug, fur pillows and blankets, and leather upholstery. Consider including items made from reclaimed or natural wood. Local antiques and Native tonal designs are fantastic additions to incorporate both history and personality.

Wicker Baskets with Handles
Parker End Table
Havre Accent Chair
Glenrock Side Table
Greybull Console Table
Dodson Dining Chair
Cody Sofa
Edgerton Table Lamp

Create Your Mountain Modern Home!

Whether you live near the Tetons or you’re just dreaming of a home with a mountain view, adding mountain modern furniture to your decor is the perfect solution to give your home the classic yet contemporary look you’re craving. This style of furniture and accessories blends contemporary elements with rustic style to create a unique aesthetic.

Connelly Accent Chair
Chadwick Island Lamp
Casper Console Table
Carmel Beaded Chandelier
Calhan Stool
Belknap Table Lamp
Varanasi Rug
Windrift Media Console

Whether you live near the Tetons or just dreaming of a home with a view of the mountains, elevate your living with a consultation from our team of experienced designers. The heartbeat of our design firm and online shoppe is to work with your personal style to curate your unique dream home.

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