Featured Artists from Gallery WILD

Experience the brilliance of Gallery WILD’s featured artists at our Elevated Living Showroom in Jackson WY. Feast your eyes on contemporary fine art inspired by wildlife, open spaces and conservation. Our collection is comprised of both established and emerging artists who use an array of mediums, including oil and acrylic paintings, mixed media and photography. Stop by our Showroom today!


Kimerlee Curyl

  • Title: Flight of Honor
  • Dimensions: 54in x 36in
  • Materials: Photography

The Hollywood dream moved her west from Minnesota but it was the heart of a horse that changed everything. Having worked on both sides of the camera Kimerlee has the natural ability of capturing emotion. Delivering imagery that is described as unique, dramatic and evocative. Emphasizing graceful lines, rich textures and a view of the horse not done before. Since 2004 she has been capturing an intimate connection with the wild, leaving the viewer imagining their very breath on their face.

Influenced by photographic genius such as Herb Ritts, Nick Brandt and Kurt Markus. Her style is her own in relation to the horse and has become increasingly recognizable. She has traveled the world, capturing the essence and spirit of stunning horses. Yet, its the allure of raw, wild, untouched beauty, the rugged terrain and harsh elements along with the challenges of finding wild horses and the patience for them to trust her, is the oxygen to her soul.

Flight of Honor by Photographer, Kimerlee Curyl
Reflections by Artist, Lauren Sarantopulos


Lauren Sarantopulos

  • Title: Reflections
  • Dimensions: 60in x 48in
  • Materials: Mixed Media on Canvas

Since the early age of 8, Lauren Sarantopulos’s roots have been intertwined in nature and art. Raised in Colorado and Wyoming, she was lucky to grow up in wildly beautiful states and spent countless hours exploring the outdoors and its wildlife. As Lauren’s fascination with nature and interest in art grew, she began painting the animals she Ioved to observe as a means of developing a unique style while feeding her love of the environment.


Jenna Von Benedikt

  • Title: Blue Flyers
  • Dimensions: 55in x 30in
  • Materials: Oil on Panel

Born outside of London, England, Jenna gains inspiration from her European roots, places she’s lived and travelled, as well as her current surroundings in the Rocky Mountains. The arts and animals have played important roles in Jenna’s life and her inspiration for her painting. She grew up riding horses, and when her family moved to the US, they of course brought her horse because he was part of the family. Growing up with animals instilled a deep respect and love in Jenna for all living things.

Blue Flyers by Artist, Jenna von Benedikt

Featured Artists from Gallery WILD

Jackson Peak by Artist, Amber Blazina


Amber Blazina

  • Title: Jackson Peak
  • Dimensions: 36in x 48in
  • Materials: Oil on Canvas

Amber Blazina is a contemporary western oil painter, specializing in Impressionist and Expressionist alla prima methods. She melds her vast experience in design, the research and knowledge of painters of whom she has studied, and the experiences of her rural Montana upbringing to create bold, energetic paintings. A freelance graphic designer since 2002, she transitioned to oil painting in 2016, becoming a full time painter in 2017.


Carrie Penley

  • Title: Old West New World
  • Dimensions: 48in x 48in
  • Materials: Acrylic and Collage on Canvas

Born in a small town in Georgia, contemporary artist Carrie Penley is an American artist utilizing different forms of media to create unique works of art through neutral color, expressive brush stroke, contrast and often collage material most often of wildlife.

Old West New World by Artist, Carrie Penley
You Were Right About the Stars by Artist, Nina Tichava


Nina Tichava

  • Title: You Were Right About the Stars
  • Dimensions: 40in x 60in
  • Materials: Acrylic, Ink, Charcoal, Graphite, Pen, Paper Collage and Brass on Panel

Painter Nina Tichava, raised in both rural northern New Mexico and the Bay Area in California, was influenced by her father, a construction worker and mathematician, and by her mother, an artist and designer. Tichava received her BFA from California College of Arts and Crafts in San Francisco and Oakland. She lives and works in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

Using painting and printmaking techniques, she interweaves drawing and collage with a variety of media. Simultaneously painterly and constrained, her paintings are composed of complex layers, many of which are overpainted and concealed. A prominent element of her work is the application of thousands of beads of paint, painstakingly and individually applied with a brush and used to create screens and patterns.

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