Construction and Remodeling Services

Home remodeling and construction is far more than simply creating a quality product. Our design team takes the stress away so that you can enjoy the journey of crafting your perfect home. Our experienced designers help you visualize, manage and stay informed throughout the entire process so that your preferences and overall style permeate every element of the final project.

Fish Creek Spec Home

Mountain Modern Design by Elevated Living | Photo by @samanthalivingstonphotography

Owner Representative

Our owner representative services are designed to serve your best interests during the planning, design, and construction phases of a project. With our extensive background in large scale residential projects, we are uniquely positioned to act as an owner representative, managing all aspects of the work, and ultimately preventing costly construction errors and post-construction issues.

Our goal is to save valuable time and unnecessary expenses, as well as advocate for your peace of mind.

  • Definition and planning
  • Preliminary scheduling and budget estimates
  • Selection of design and construction team
  • Review of contract documents throughout design stages
  • Oversight of contractors during construction
  • Site visits to maintain schedules and progress
  • Review change orders and applications for payments

Mountain Modern Design by Elevated Living | Photo by @samanthalivingstonphotography

Mountain Modern Design by Elevated Living | Photo by @samanthalivingstonphotography

Fish Creek - Stairwell

Mountain Modern Design by Elevated Living | Photo by @samanthalivingstonphotography

Fish Creek Kitchen

Mountain Modern Design by Elevated Living | Photo by @samanthalivingstonphotography

Design Development

Every design project begins with a design consultation, where we listen to you as you define your vision. We take time to build a deep understanding of your goals, tastes, and design needs. We establish the scope of work, outline a budget, and develop a workable timeline. Once this initial and important stage is complete, we provide you with a project scope, a list of recommendations, and an action plan so you will have a clear understanding of what is required to complete the project.

  • Space Planning & Floor Plan Designs
  • Custom Built-ins & Storage Solutions
  • Wall Treatment Design (Wallpaper, Paint Finishes, Panel Designs)
  • Flooring Material Selection & Custom Design
  • Appliances & Lighting Selection & Procurement
  • Furniture & Accessories Selection & Procurement
Interior Design 3D Rendering

3D Rendering by Backbone Visuals

2D & 3D Renderings

One of the most challenging aspects of creating or redesigning a space is an inability to see what the end result will look like. Using 2D and 3D Interior Rendering we can instantly showcase your ideas. All of the components of a project, including appliances, furniture, lighting, and how they interact within the space, can be brought to life. We can test out different options, providing “live views” of what your home will look like. The ability to test designs removes much of the guesswork and provides reassurance that your space will turn out exactly as you envision.

  • Easily show concepts and options for a project
  • Save considerable time rendering different concepts
  • Achieve incredible accuracy and precision
  • Provide quick and easy sharing of designs
  • Fix problems before they happen
  • Avoid costly miscalculations
Fish Creek Exterior

Mountain Modern Design by Elevated Living | Photo by @samanthalivingstonphotography

Fish Creek Exterior

Mountain Modern Design by Elevated Living | Photo by @samanthalivingstonphotography

Project Management

Our design team provides project management services, not only during the construction phase but also at the beginning of your project. We help define the scope of the project, as well as planning, scheduling, monitoring, coordinating, directing, documenting, and follow-up after completion and move-in. We’re here to stay the course, directing the entire project and keeping it on course until it reaches its final destination.

  • Organize and coordinate the project schedule, keeping it on track
  • Schedule meetings and oversee all communications between our client, design team staff, contractors, consultants & regulatory agencies
  • Coordinate the production of construction documents and participate in bidding and negotiations
  • Obtain your review and approval, when necessary
  • Monitor and document all aspects of the projectProcess change orders and documents for payment
  • Manage all personnel assigned to the team
  • Resolve conflicts among team members
  • Coordinate with you after move-in and project closeout
Fish Creek Spec Home - Main Living Space

Mountain Modern Design by Elevated Living | Photo by @samanthalivingstonphotography

Add Mountain Modern Styling to Your Home!

Whether you live near the Tetons or just dreaming of a home with a view of the mountains, elevate your living with a consultation from our team of experienced designers. The heartbeat of our design firm and online shoppe is to work with your personal style to curate your unique dream home.

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