January 19, 2021

5 Top Trends for 2021

Last year was challenging. Changing our definition of the important things in life. The new year gives us good reason to look ahead with a growing focus on sustainable materials, a celebration of individuality and uniqueness, and a priority on comfort and wellbeing. Here are five trends to improve the quality of your daily life.

Loft Home Office

Home Office

Never before has the need been greater for a quiet corner, a cup of coffee, natural light and a comfy chair! The past year has taught us new ways to connect; juggling the work day while homeschooling, Welcome the home office!

Dine In

Duo Nova 6QT | Welcome the Insta Pot! This transformative kitchen product is a working parents dream! Easy to use, multi-function, and effortless.

2020 hardships have been met w/ grocery store pickups and hours in the kitchen. The silver lining has been FAMILY DINNERS! Spending time w/ family is the one look back to 2020 and I am blessed beyond words to have the opportunity to work from home and prepare healthy meals for my family. Cheers to wine and the Insta pot in 2021~

Dine In Trend
Tribal Trend - Bodhi Collection


Bodhi Collection | Tonal layering was a HOT trend in 2020 as we integrate pattern into the design trends of 2021 we will see the trend to tribal patterns. Tribal patterns root us to our ancestors and tie us to the earth. The layering of pattern in neutral tones will play off the natural elements of shearlings while creating depth and visual dimension in the curated design.

Stay Warm

Royce Lounge Chair | Home took on a new definition this year! Loving the space you are in can take on new form with the layering of shearlings, Nothing feels warmer and more inviting than a shearling under foot when getting out of bed, brushing your teeth or watching the dogs snuggle by the fire. Shearlings have been transformed into luxurious furniture in addition to the staple bathroom rug. Add a touch of warmth in 2021 w/ this trend.
Stay Warm Trend
Outside In Trend

Outside In

Snake Plant Laurentii | Plants breathe life into one’s space. A design trend for 2021 will be house plants. Plants will keep us healthier and give our homes life by creating dimension and height variation. Adding hanging plants in unique planters or overscaled ficus tree’s in handmade ceramic bowls is an interesting way to breathe life into a dark corner.

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